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I’m Tanya, a South African, married to a Namibian, living in and who fell in love with Namibia.

I’d love to sell you a story about how I gave up a boring life and decided to go and travel the world (or better yet, Namibia) with not much more than my favourite and most needed possessions in a backpack. While that might paint the perfect tale for any travel blogger, it simply isn’t true for me. In fact, it’s not until I got into the tourism industry in Namibia, something which I knew nothing about back then, that I discovered my love for a country (I now proudly call home), my desperate passion to write about it and my deepest desire to share it.

I grew up in South Africa (another incredible country with heaps to offer), met my then boyfriend, now husband and as stated above (if you’re paying attention 😊), he’s a Namibian which is how I ended up living in Swakopmund. Fast track a few uninteresting (at least for the purpose of this content) and somewhat confusing and self-exploratory years (a story for another day), I ended up in the world of tourism as a tour consultant for an inbound travel operator.

Travelling Namibia, inspecting lodges and learning the ins and outs while selling a country (that basically sells itself), I now know what people travelling to Namibia really want to experience.  What they wished they knew before they travelled (the stuff guide books are supposed to tell you but miss the mark). What they took away with them (other than amazing photographs and an African tan) and the reason why they would return over and over again, something which in itself is hard to put into words until you’ve experienced the magic yourself. (This is however what I will endeavour to do in this blog, so watch this space).

I’ve been lucky enough to travel overseas a number of times in my life, but I count myself most lucky to be able to travel the country in which I live, a country that undoubtedly deserves to be on any travel enthusiasts bucket list. That which I have seen, the adventures I have had and that which I’ve learnt along the way, I can’t wait to share. For those I have yet to explore, I can’t wait to take you along on the journey with me or better yet – inspire you to journey yourself.

I prefer the creature comforts. It doesn’t have to be luxury (although I am not opposed to it either 😊) and if it’s worth the experience, I’m in for the adventure. The food should be better than good (by my standards that means delicious and made with love), the service, excellent and always with a smile. I like my views breath taking and my sundowners ice cold.  It’s all about the finer details. Those small things that take an experience from memorable to unforgettable.

I’m a self-proclaimed perfectionist, wife and 30 something mom of two. A copywriter, web editor and honest advocate of travel in Namibia. I’m A Travelista, someone who loves to travel (although I hate to pack). Someone who loves to make lists (the best part of which is ticking them off, when they aren’t at the bottom of my handbag or left on the kitchen counter). Someone who is excited by every new experience (whether half way around the globe or in my backyard) and a fashionista of travel.

Let’s do Namibia in style.

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